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If you have been looking for legitimate online jobs, here is your chance to achieve your goals. adsmacro is the most trusted platform where you could earn money using our various money making strategies. If you are looking for reliable source of income on internet for a long time, your search ends here. You can now generate sustainable income without have to take up a day-job. Be your own boss, work at your own flexible timings. There is no cap to how much money you could make using our exceptional money making platform

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AdsMacro Earning Features

Earn up to Rs.5 per Youtube Video Watched

Earn money to watch your favourite YouTube videos. Earn from Rs.1 to 5 per video watched.

Earn up to Rs.5 per Youtube Video Shared

Make money to Share your favourite Youtube videos. Earn from Rs.1 to 5 per video shared.

Earn up to Rs.5 per meme / Image Viewed

Read memes, View viral images and pictures to earn money. Earn from Rs 0.50 to 5 per Image viewed.

Earn Rs.5 per meme Shared

Make Money to Share viral images or memes. Earn Rs 0.50 to 5 per share.

Earn up to Rs.100 per Article

Earn writing articles on the topics that you like. Get paid up to Rs.100 per article.

Earn Playing Quiz

Answer simple questions and get rewarded. Earn up to Rs.5 Per Quiz.

Earn Writing Reviews or to rate Movies

Review any product/service or Rate your favourite movie and earn money. Get paid up to Rs.100 per review.

Earn Playing Games

Earn to participate in skill based contents and to play games. Get paid up to Rs.10 per contest / game.

Earn Referring Friends

Refer friends and earn money, get paid Rs.100 for every person that you refer us. You will also be paid up to 30% of their earnings.


I am a house wife who does not have time to go out for 9 to 5 Job, i am extremely pleased with such a great earning site. Job is really easy with no target. I can work freely at my home while taking care of my kids.

Sneha Ainapure


Finally i found a real online earning website. I am sharing Youtube videos, pictures and memes daily, getting paid quite a good amount of money just by spending 1 to 2 hours a day in my part time. Thanks for helping me to achieve my financial goals.

kuldeep singh


Thanks to Adsmacro for providing me such a great earning opportunity. This is the most easiest of jobs that i have come across online. Started to earn within 5 minutes of joining. Such an user friendly website.

Kumari pooja


I can't believe i earned Rs.20,000 in the 1st week, Really such an easy earning portal i am watching and sharing Youtube videos that i like. It is really pleasing we are getting paid for what we love to do, Adsmacro is a dream come true for me .

Asia Sultana


WOW! We are getting paid for watching videos, viral pictures and memes. Earning money while having fun, really i love this website. Glad that i started my Online Earning Career with adsmacro.

Jagadeesh G


The most trusted website that i came across over years of search. Not only Adsmacro pays us on time, they provide multiple earning opportunities that can be done by anyone who has basic browsing knowledge. Really worth it.

Antony joyson


Frequently Asked Questions

Earning Money is fun on AdsMacro. You can earn money by watching or sharing videos, viewing or sharing viral pictures, reading or sharing memes, writing articles or product reviews, rating movies, participating in contest and playing games.

No, You can choose the tasks that you are interested to do. There is no minimum amount of work to be done on our website.

Yes you will be paid for every YouTube video that you watch and every meme that you read on our site. You can earn up to Rs.5 per video or meme.

You can earn for sharing your favourite Youtube videos, memes and viral pictures. You will be paid Rs.1 to 5 per share.

Earning amount depends on the amount of time that you spend on our website and number of tasks that you do in a day.

You can write articles on any topics of your choice, write reviews about a movie or a product. You can earn up to Rs.100 for every approved article or review. You can also earn by playing games and participating in quiz contest.

Yes of course. You will get Rs.100 for every person whom you refer us and you will also earn up to 30% of their earnings.

It depends on the task that you choose, most of the tasks do not need manual approval. For tasks like video/meme sharing, article writing, movie/product reviews require manual approval.

For other tasks like Watching Video, reading memes, viewing pictures, playing games and quiz does not require manual approval, you will get instantly after finishing the task.

Unlike others, You will get paid directly from us not from any 3rd party.

You can withdraw your earnings as soon as your account reaches Rs.3000/-. You can redeem your earnings on your own at our portal by any payment option of your choice - Bank Transfer, Cheque, Paytm, UPI, Paypal.

As the name says (Ads)macro, Ads(advertisements) are our major profit, we will display advertisements on pages that you do tasks. We are getting paid from our sponsors for showing their advertisements to you, which is our major source of income.