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Typing Task FAQs

How to start the Typing Task?

Login to your account on adsmacro.com and Join any available typing task listed above.

How to do Typing work?

Type the text shown to you without any typing mistakes. Check alphabets, numbers, symbols and special characters and type them exactly as shown on the sample data. Get paid for every successful typing work.

How much will i earn per typing task and how many data entries should in a day?

You can earn from Rs.5/- to Rs.20 per every successful typing work, you can do any number of typing tasks available to you on a particular day.

How much time does it take to credit my earnings?

Your earning balance will be updated within 30 minutes of successful task completion. You can check all your earnings from the Earning History page.

Do i need to maintain accuracy in this Job?

Yes you will need to complete the task without mistakes. In case, you did any mistake, your errors will be shown on the result page, You may correct them and complete the task by taking one more attempt.

Is there any time limit for typing job?

Yes, for every typing task there is time limit, timer will be displayed on the list page, Make sure to complete the job within the given time, otherwise you will not get any credit for the job done.