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Data Entry Task FAQs

What is Data Entry Task?

Filling the data entry fields with the work data given to you is called Data Entry Task. You can earn money for every successful data entry task that you complete.

How to do Data entry Job?

Login to your account on and join any task assigned to you in the list above. You can do the task on your desktop or mobile. Copy and paste the data given to you as instructed on the task page. You will earn for all the tasks that you complete without errors.

What Category of data entry task will i get?

You can do categories of your choice like Resume, Cars, Insurance, Loan, Credit.....etc

How much will i earn per task?

You can earn from Rs.5/- to 50/- per successful data entry job. Task earnings varies from one category to another.

How many data entry jobs can i do in a day?

Your tasks will be assigned based on your eligiblity. You can do any number of data entry jobs available to you. Number of jobs can vary everyday.

How much time it take to credit my money after completing job?

It takes a few minutes for us to verify your task. We will credit your earnings in your earning balance from 5 to 30 minutes after Job completion.

How many errors can i make in the Job?

You are not supposed to do any error in the Task page, even single error will be counted as mistake and your task will be incomplete. You may take up to 2 attempts and complete the task again.