5 Work-From-Home High Income Jobs for 2021

You might have heard of Jeff Hyman, CEO, and founder of Retrofit - he works from home employing nearly 50 people full time. It has been long that the CEO of Oracle had stopped working from his office. He works from home too. There are many like them that work from a home. Yes, you heard that – from home. 


With the increase in internet bandwidth, collaborating and working with people over the internet has become frictionless. Internet speed across the world are increasing everyday and internet service providers are doubling down on their pricing to make it more easy for people to go online and work. People are no more taunted by the volume of data downloaded over their internet devices. That age is gone and with it has ushered the era of working from home. 


Working from home doesn’t mean that you sleep all day. You remain dedicated towards your work, committed towards the deadline and work with honesty and sincerity. The ease and allure of working-from-home is more because of its flexibility, cut down on travelling time, among others. 


Have you ever felt that it's irritating to make long commute just to reach your office? Or, have you ever sensed that it's hectic to get dressed formally every day just to attend office? Do you feel that you could have done better in your home office? Go on reading, we have researched and outlined employment areas where you can find the ideal work-from-home jobs. 




Broadcasting is one of the emerging work-from-home job area. With the increase in bandwidth, these jobs have seen one of the most impressive growth for remote workers. With jobs including customer care support, technical support, subject matter specialist, production assistant, multimedia journalism, on-air promotion creators, among others – this is a field with a wide variety of remote jobs. 


Googling from-home broadcasting jobs returns a huge list of jobs – while some jobs require that the worker be based in a specific territory, there are jobs which don’t have such restrictions. 


What is the most appealing with this sector is its ability to accommodate individuals from diverse fields and skill sets. If you have skill sets that are specific to any of the jobs in this sector- you should start sending your application. One or two year down the year – you should be where you wanted to be. 





How about this one? If you think you can take the risk –realizing your entrepreneurship aspirations through online is one of the most easiest and cost-efficient ways. Like offline businesses, while launching online businesses you should be performing a detailed SWAT analysis and consider all the factors that could take your business down or take your business up. What’s appealing about doing business online is the ease to market your products. 


Innovation is key to business. Business industry legends like Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, or Steve Jobs all had innovative business ideas and the knack to understand the USPs of their products. And you should also have a deeper understand of your offerings. 


When it comes to marketing and storing your products – online business sector is the best. There are host of channels you can use to market your products including social media, Search Engines, local business directories, and even content sites. 


You can use any cheap underground cellar for storing your inventory and use any online software to keep track your inventory. All you need is business plan, commitment to implement it, and early investment to launch it. These can be anything like making cupcakes, pickles, gardening tools, agri-businesses, or anything for which there is a demand in your target market. 



Online Programming


This is a work-from-home job for you if you are a programmer who is good in one or multiple programming languages? Programming from home is one of the coolest online jobs. You can stay back at your home, with your headsets on and program. The job requires you to take certain assignments that needs to be finished in the agreed deadline – oh yes, deadlines are always there. No running away from it.


There are plenty of spaces from where you can begin your freelancing home-based coding job. But, hey your recruiter should realize that you are worthy enough. So, joining a freelancing site is not just enough - you should fill up your profile with all the details available. What's wrong in spending an extra 15 minutes in filling up your profile after all people need to know why they should hire you? 


If you are entirely new to the programming field, you should first take programming lessons and learn it. There are free courses that you can take from Edx, Coursera, Codeacademy, Udemey, etc. Or you can spend some money and learn from StackSkills too.


Freelance Web Designer


Professional web designers charge premium costs because there is no dearth of people willing to spend extra dollars to get some good work. And for a good designer working online – they have a good way to find them. But there are many on the internet that are looking for cheap designers as well. So whether you are pro or learner – the internet has a job for you.


Though there are many tools that can ease your designing job – the only thing that matters if your ability to spin out designs that appeal to the sense of your clients. And if you are newbie we would seriously recommend that you take some online web designing courses before sending out your resumes.


This is a great choice to work from home as it does not requires you to present in person with your clients and the deliverables can be transferred via online. The only thing that matters is keeping your clients happy with your work. Else, they might find your alternative at any time.


Freelance QA Tester


Do you know programming languages like Java, SQL or C++? How good are you at solving complex problems? Can you use project tracking software like JIRA? QA testing can be your cup of tea.


QA testers are required to write and execute test scripts, run manual and automated tests and look after bugs in the software. They have to troubleshoot and solve the problem and then communicate with technical teams about their findings. This would be a real fun-filled job if you are into the field of software development and love finding bugs.


Apart from learning what others do during coding, you will get the opportunity to figure out the loopholes that software developers make. The pay scale for professional and experienced QA testers is very attractive, and even if you are just starting your career – this might be a great field if you love poking things around!

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On 02 January 2020